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Kassatly Chtaura was established in 1974, launching a revolutionary product at the time, bottled Jallab for home preparation. The beloved creation proved successful introducing Kassatly Chtaura as a repute and innovative establishment.

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Beirut Beer
Inspired by a city that is dynamic and courageous, Beirut Beer is born, optimistic with a taste for change. Water, Barley, Hops and Yeast are the 4 ingredients, according to the authentic Pilsner beer's strict laws of purity.
Launched in 2018, Mezza is a non-alcoholic malt beverage. Low on calories and comes in 6 different flavors, Mezza is a round-the-clock refreshing beverage!
Freez is a flavoured, non-alcoholic carbonated drink. Launched in 2001, this trendy and refreshing drink was first distributed in Lebanon and the GCC. Today, Freez can be found in European and African markets, as well as North America, Canada and Australia. With its wide range of 14 flavors, Freez can satisfy everyone’s taste and thirst.
Fruitastic offers 3 product ranges: 100% Juice, Nectar Concentrate and Fruit Drinks. Since Fruitastic was introduced in 1998, its natural and flavored colorful range was sure to meet everyone’s sweet juice cravings!
Kassatly Chtaura's Jallab was the very first bottled Jallab made for home-preparation! Like our whole syrups range, the sweet drink is not just a favorite during Ramadan, but refreshing drink all year-round!
Kassatly Chtaura’s Jams are a wholesome fruity spread for a snack-break! The mini-jams are the perfect fix for your sweet cravings too!
It didn't take long for this ready-to-drink vodka-mix drink to become the buzz of the town! And today, this exquisite vodka-based beverage is also available in cans with or without energy/caffeine ingredients.
Chateau Ka
First bottled in 2005, Chateau Ka is Kassatly Chtaura’s founder dream-come-true. With its bold flavor and subtle notes, this fine young wine has been recognized around the world winning many medals and awards.
Kassatly Chtaura offers a fine selection of sweet and colorful liqueurs, which includes cream liqueurs such as Irish Cream.